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Re: Just Do It

It's indescribable when you bumped into an old friend's blog and you realised your name is on it and you're appreciated that much that you're one of the force that provides him motivation to strive on when he encounters problems, pressure, disappointment in life somewhere hundred miles away. You'd feel the friendship, the relationship is being treasured. :)


人,在不同的阶段,往往有不同的想法。 不同的时候,听到某些歌曲,会有特别的感触。最近成为我重播曲第一名的莫过于这首“外面的世界”。勾起了好多美丽的回忆,好久都没好好安静的一个人在房里听着歌,翻阅些旧照片,翻读些旧信息。发现好多的小细节都似乎已藏到记忆里的某一个角落。有些当时把它看成比什么都重要的事情,现在看起来它反而是件芝麻小豆的事。有些当时为它哭得死去活来的事情,现在看起来它反而是件让我成长的东西。有些当时执著万分的事情,现在看起来都不以为然了。

最重要的是,看着。。。想着。。。听着。。。那些照片,回忆及歌曲,它们还是勾起了我的嘴角,微笑了。: )


Thanks for everyone's concern. Grandpa is better now, after the brain operation in Specialist Centre. Was observed in the ICU for 2 days, and transfered out to normal ward this morning. Can barely talk, but improving. :)

These were taken when we visited him at his house last week before the operation. He could not really talk that time, so he asked for pen and paper to write. After a few trial of 丿,一, 丿, 一, the words were finally formed, "我要吃。。。麦" oh!! i shouted, "he wants to eat oat!!!" "nonono, not oat not oat" mom said. So we observed for another while, there was another charater behind that merely looked like, "面". oooooooohhhh.....he wrote the traditional chinese charater "麵" (noodle) which i never give a thought of it at all, that he could be writing in the traditional form. If there were only me, i would have fetched him a whole big bowl of oat, lol~! he then must feel that the energy spent to write was all wasted or this gra…

May the prayers be with him

His health has deteriorated. Was sent to the hospital on emergency, we rushed to the hospital and stayed by his side all the time by holding his hand tight in mine, except for the time he was pushed into the scanning and x-ray theatre. He was semi-conscious, but he was able to recognise me and call my name. Doctor said he could have fallen down and knocked on the same spots few times before, to cause the blood in the brain. Was then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. Only one person was allowed to go in at one time, so i went in, he was so weak, but he tried his best to talk to me.

The next day, he was transfered out to normal ward although i don't see much improvement. We spent a fair bit of time with him, he could still barely talk something that made us laugh. Things that we could understand was, he wanted to sponsor RM500 for all the family members to go have a feast at some famous shop in Teluk Bahang, lol. He asked for forgiveness from grandma for not spending enough qualit…

遗憾 - 方炯镔

It's been repeating on my home desktop, car mp3, workstation for over hundred times d... =)别再说是谁的错 让一切成灰除非放下心中的负累 一切难以挽回你总爱让往事跟随 怕过去白费你总以为要体会人生 就要多爱几回与其让你在我怀中枯萎 宁愿你犯错后悔让你飞向梦中的世界 留我独自伤悲与其让你在我爱中憔悴 宁愿你受伤流泪莫非要你尝尽了苦悲 才懂真情可贵


Never had i ever expected that 090909 would be the last day my dad stayed with us at home. We walked him the last journey that very morning, passed by our old house aka his office and sent him off for cremation. Every steps on the street holding onto his hearse were the heaviest footsteps ever for me to complete that journey.

It was certainly a loss to our family but on the bright side, dad did not suffer that long, he did not want to bring trouble to us i guess as he was supposed to start kidney dialysis the following week, as we went to learn about dialysis in the hospital that very afternoon when my late father passed on in the evening. i can still feel the warmth of his body when i touched him that time but it became colder and colder. i can see he had what bro last bought him in his mouth, his favourite food - mamak rice.

To make myself feel better, at least i spent the last few days for hours each with him sitting by his bed talking, joking, fetching water, medicine, food, changin…